frequently asked questions

Do you sell prints?

No, at this time, I do not sell prints. You are free to take your images wherever you wish and have them produced in the sizes you want for the best price you can find! I recommend to everybody I photograph.

Do you have a studio?

Yes I do have a standalone 1200 sq. ft. studio that is suitable for shooting everything from newborn babies to large groups! The studio is located on 10.5 acres that also serve as a great location for outdoor shooting or split indoor/outdoor sessions, as well!

What to wear?

Your comfort and natural state is what is going to produce the best photographs, so make that your first priority! Other tips include keeping your clothing casual and simple. Bright colors are okay, as are accessories like hats and scarves, but can detract from you being the focal point if overused. Try to avoid clothing that has complex patterns or large logos (unless it's something like a sports jersey). Siblings and families should try to wear clothing that is coordinated/complimentary for group shots.

What about props?

Sure. If you have a special item or items you'd like to incorporate into some of your photos, feel free to bring them along. Or, for example, if you play a sport and would like to bring some equipment, a jersey, etc., feel free, and we'll work it in.

Is anything different for a child?

All of this applies toward children, but with the caveat that they may not want to take the photos as much as you want them to! Please be sure to remember anything that will help keep them as comfortable and happy as possible. Stuffed animals, snacks, drinks, etc. If they have specific music that they like, feel free to bring a CD or MP3 player and we can play it in the studio.

What happens after my shoot?

Within two weeks (usually less) I will process your images and automatically discard the ones that do not work for technical reasons (eyes closed, blurry, stuff like that). After that point, I will pick the strongest 20-25 images and process them to give them their respective finished looks. Then, I will provide you with a link to view your images in a private gallery online. You will receive high resolution images matching the ones in your gallery on a CD in the mail, and the same goes for those - they are yours! If you would rather pick them up in person and want to use a USB drive or something similar, that can be arranged as well.

Can you change the finish on an image for me?

Yes. If, for example, you would like a version of one of your photos in black & white that was not originally finished that way, I can provide you with an alternate file. Additionally, if you have a specific look in mind coming into your session, please bring an example of it to your shoot that will help illustrate what you're hoping for, making it easier for me to attempt to replicate.